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Seimei(晴明) from Onmyōji(陰陽師).


Yesterday, i.e. 2015 December 13, Hanyū Yuzuru(羽生結弦) had his third Grand Prix Final title in a row in Barcelona, Spain.

For the 2015–16 season, he used a certain music called Seimei for the free skating. The music was took from the film soundtrack of Onmyōji(陰陽師). I don’t love this as free skating music very much. Because I love it as the music of the ending dance of the film, and Hanyū’s skating broke the dance image though his skating was excellent.

Onmyōji was released in 2001, which was based on stories of Yumemakura Baku(夢枕獏). I don’t think the movie is very good because I love Baku’s stories. But, Nomura Mansai’s dance as the credit’s background, that is excellent. He is a main cast of the film and one of famous Kyōgenshi in Japan. I wanted to show this dance to you and looked for something in my junkyard. Finally, I found a very old video tape, haha.

Please, take a look. The quality of audio and video is not good because I made this from the old VHS video, though.
(2022.Sep.6, the video deleted. Please go somewhere like Amazon prime etc., and watch it. You can see the Mansai’s performance as the background of the credits of “Onmyoji (2001)“.)

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