I completed my WordPress to Sub-domain.

About a week ago, I finally started to renew my sites, which I had been announce “it’s under maintenance” since the end of July, but honestly speaking I did nothing until last week. Now I will start temporary operation as of the end of September, today. 😅😅😅

For the time being, I was able to change from the Sub-directory of Multisite of WordPress, which is the main purpose, to Sub-domain, but there are various leftovers.

After the support for Windows 7 ended in January, I switched to Web server operation on Windows 10. But at that time I moved the whole sites without touching anything in particular, also I’ve stopped my new articles since the beginning of last year.

I would like to write articles about reconstructing my new server, but I cannot promise “when?” because of my real life problems. I would appreciate it if you could wait patiently.


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