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FUJITSU 30 pin display connector —>> DVI-D.

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30 pin plug head
Fig.1 30 pin plug head

I have an FMVH70K7V and I got it as one of my uncle belongings. I used the PC as my web sever machine. It’s already broken but its display(VL-17VS2) is still alive. The display has very unique connector like the right image(Fig.1). Though I’d used the display to watch TV since Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting starting, I began to think I wanted it as a PC monitor after installing a Vista on the KeyPaso. At the time I couldn’t find any information about its pin assignment on the Internet.

However, on Jan. 2nd,
・ 「NEC F17W21」をDVI端子で使えるように改造する
・ ディスプレイケーブル変換アダプター配線図

and on Jan.3rd,
NECのF17W11の専用デジタル接続端子(30 pin)を通常のDVI-Dデジタル端子に変換しましたのでその記録です。
I found out the pages above.

And KANさん told me the next two pages on the comment.
・ Fujitsu 30 pin Display to DVI(Japanese)
・ 富士通17インチ液晶モニタ(30ピンコネクタ)改造記録

Fig.2 34 wires in it.
Fig.2 34 wires in it.

They excited motivation in me but I got a cold after New Year holidays as you know, he-he. So my work about it began behind my plan. It was Jan. 16.

First I checked the cable of 30 pin connector by a circuit tester. Actually, the cable had 34 wires like as the left image(Fig.2), grrrr. To check the cable took more than one month, mainly my physical condition and probably to use a circuit tester was after a long time. Second I checked the DVI-D cable, which took only a day. Very short than to check the 30 pin connector.

When I was doing this, I talked to FHさん on his BBS. Here is the reprint(Japanese) of a part of his BBS related to my article, which appears his courtesy.

After the check, I got this as a result:
FUJITSU 30 pin display connector pin assignment (PC-side).


*** My Actual Work

  1. Connected each wire following the result. Used heat shrinkable tube as the technique to isolate each wire(Fig.3).
    [Note1] FHさん is kind enough to show me how to use heat shrinkable tube.
    [Note2] I also connected the wires about USB things, but my remote controller coming with FMVH70K7V did not work.
  2. Fig.4

    About the wires that have a metal shield originally, wrapped with a piece of aluminum foil for cooking and over-wrapped them in insulating tape(Fig.4).

  3. Fig.5

    Wrapped all 34 wires and shield in insulating tape(Fig.5).

I have good images on the display.
Now, mission complete, I think. Buuuuuut, there is more to it (T_T).

I forgot to write. I heard the cable with the display (VL-17VS2) is not straight. I checked the only PC-side assignment out, so it is not useful for you if you want to change the display-side connections.

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