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My body has been stronger than it in my childhood.


   Yesterday I had a terrible experience (^_^;).

   Since January 4th, I thought why I got really sleepy in spite of I was not busy or had no what to do. Though I had New Year’s visitors on January 2nd, on 3rd I got enough rest and was sleeping well at night. When I got up in the morning of 4th, I had a sore throat like tonsillitis. But I had no other cold symptoms and my sore throat went away until the evening.

   When I got up in the morning of 5th, my body felt strange. But I still had no cold symptoms. At the evening I went the first swimming this year. This was for the first time in a week and I felt much better when I came home.

   However, I tossed and turned through the wakeful night. So, I got up earlier in yesterday morning. Though I promised someone, I didn’t think I could keep the appointment. I prefer a call to an email. But too early to call. So, I waited 8 am. During waiting, my chill was harder and harder.

   When 8am. came, I was unable to call or email her because of having no voice and a bad headache. I asked one of my family to call her.

   I managed to have my breakfast, took a fever reducer and went to my bed room. I always see my doctor for my chronic disease but hate to see a doctor for a cold. When I have a slight sickness, I don’t want to go to a hospital. All of my family went to the first work this year.

   I got in bed, but I lost all of the breakfast and the fever reducer within 20 minutes. My chill still existed. I got in bed again and tried to sleep. I waked after feeling asleep for quite a while, but my clock told me 9 am. My chill still existed and I tried to sleep again. My next waking was 10 am. and my chill went away at this time. As I felt sick to my stomach, I thought I was getting dehydrated. I drank some water and wetted my neck with water which made me feel pretty good. Fortunately, some water got rid of my sick to the stomach. I went get a thermometer from the living room and took my temperature. It showed me 39.6℃. Too high (^o^).

   I wanted to take another fever reducer. I was not really sure about losing all of the previous reducer, so I tried to sleep and waited 1 pm. My next waking was at noon. I took my time to have lunch in the living room and had another fever reducer. I went back to bed room and got in bed again.

   When I waked up, it was 8 pm. Wow. My temperature was 38.3℃. I felt much better.

   I was a sickly child. However, until over the age of 20, I had no experience of a high fever. My home doctor at that time said he was in trouble because he could not go on my fever. He also told me not to have patience until the last minute. He thought I was a patient child. When I think back, he was wrong. I was not patient but impervious to pain.

   Until over my middle thirty, I was often hospitalized. I was not absent myself from the school or the office on a daily basis but my hospital stay took a pretty long term if I need it.

   If yesterday situations happened to me before my middle thirty, I had to go to a hospital. But now, I am writing this article without going to a hospital. It is full of emotion as I realized that my body has been stronger than it in my childhood.

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Wow, 39.6℃? At that point, I’ll definitely go to a doctor. That ain’t normal for a common cold.

Hi Ugoki, thanks for your concern.

I think it was a common cold because I almost recover now. It was a very terrible experience, indeed. If my chill still remained and the thermometer showed 39.6℃, I might have seen a doctor because over 40℃ is very dangerous. But at the time my chill went away, which meant 39.6℃ was the peak of this fever.

Well, I know this coping technique is not usually recommended to other people (^_^;).

Hi Ugoki, thanks again.

Why don’t I like to go to a hospital when I have a common cold? Because I caught another disease several times on such situations, i.e. physical strength shortage. As doctors in Japan today seldom make house calls, we must go and see a doctor at a hospital. We must wait for a long time at a waiting room which is a room of germs (^_^;). If I use an ambulance, they probably manage me as soon as possible. But a person who uses an ambulance for his common cold does not have any common sense, don’t you think so?

So, I hate to go to a hospital when I have a slight sickness (^^).

> I see.
> To each his own, I guess.

Thanks, Ugoki.

> I myself never got sick from visiting a hospital myself.

Yes. it’s normal for a person unless the person is a baby or an elderly. But, I was a sickly person in my childhood and youth, the memory of which still remains in me (^^).

Oh My!
I hope you’re doing a lot betters now.
I’m a lot like you in the fact that I don’t like to go to hospitals unless it’s very serious. I know it could get me in a lot of trouble to wait for things to get too bad, but as yoy say, you could catch something worse at the hospital.
Is good to know that you’re strong enough to take care of yourself though, right?

Hi Delonix!

Much better now, still not complete.
By the way, I suddenly have a few visitors via the Eugene’s site lately. I am not very glad because my translation and its improvement are delayed. Sigh!

Hi Estara, thanks so much.

I visited your site. You read a lot of books, don’t you? Are they paper or digital? I am an old-fashioned person about reading, so most of books I read are still paper ones (^_^;).

Yes, I forgot to tell you.
Over the holidays I went to Eugene Woodbury’s site to check his translation of Tonan no Tsubasa and someone asked in the comments if he would translate Hisho no Tori, so I said that you already had:
and he made a link in his 12K page!:
I hope you don’t mind. I think your translations are very good and I’m sure people will like them and they’ll be patient. They’re also beautiful stories and deserve to be read.

Hi! Delonix.

Grrr, it was because of you.

O.K. I don’t mind. I promise your act pushes me into translating harder. And you more help my translation d(-_^).

Hi o6asan,

Since 2009 I mostly read digital, on an e-ink reader by Sony – because my eye sight isn’t that great – the ease of enlarging fonts and the huge selection you can have on them is unbeatable. Recently I did a reread of the C.J. Cherryh’s Foreigner series and books 8-14 are ebooks and 1 and 2 are, as well: she sort of built the series in trilogies, so I decided I HAD to read book three to get the full impact of that first reread in 10 years – and it’s a 400+ pages mmpb with TINY fonts. It has confirmed my preference for ebook reading hugely.

I don’t mind buying a hardcover to support a beloved author, but I’d read the book on the e-reader ^^

Hi! Estara. Thanks for your reply. I love books, too.

> I don’t mind buying a hardcover to support a beloved author, but I’d read the book on the e-reader ^^

Oh, definitely yes.

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