I watched “さくらのVPSに来る悪い人を観察する その2” and “SSH ハニーポットでの悪い人の観察“, then rolled on the floor, laughing. I first found this on “徳丸浩の日記” which reads the slide show is very interesting and very popular lately, so I went to the slide show to be sure it and agreed with it.

   The slide show is related to CVE-2012-1823. Actually, the attacks the slide#36 shows come everywhere whether the vulnerability exists or not. My server is no exception. I don’t create SSH server, and my PHP doesn’t have the vulnerability nor isn’t CGI version, so all attacks failed though.

   Ozuma5119 is a genuine white hacker. If you’re up for this topic, visit the linked sites though they are only in Japanese. Please use some translation services m(_”_)m.

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