Installed a Vista Business on my KeyPaso.

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   I installed a Windows Vista Business I have on my KeyPaso. KeyPaso is a brand name of Elite 4 in Japan.

   I have used it as my living room PC. I gave up it because it has a lot of freezes when we watch videos. But, it is still alive. As I wanted to use it as my private video PC, I tried customizing it again. They end to support Windows XP on 2014/Apr/8 UTC, so I changed its OS to a Windows Vista Business I have. About VIDEO & GRAPHICS, both Built-in SiS651 and RADEON 9200 SE PCI have low ability. But the RADEON has a TV-Out and the Built-in does not have it. As the display I wanted to use this time has no VGA nor DVI, this is the reason why I replaced them, i.e. I disabled the Built-in.

   Here its speculation table.

  Old New
Installed OS Windows XP Professional SP3 Windows Vista Business SP2
CPU Intel(R) Celeron(R) 2.40GHz (Northwood-128) Socket 478 mPGA
Mainboard SiS-650
MEMORY 2GB (1GBx2) PC2700 DDR SDRAM(166 MHz)
SYSTEM BIOS Phoenix Technologies LTD ver. 6.00 PG 2003/Apr/04
AUDIO SiS 7012 Audio Device
USB 2.0 SUPPORT Four USB 2.0 ports, transfer rate up to 480Mbps.
Also supports full-speed (11Mbps) and low speed
(1.5Mbps) USB devices.
FIREWIRE IEEE-1394 Two 1394 ports

   When I clean-installed the Vista, its device manager gave me a yellow ! mark about SiS 7012 Audio Device. I was unable to find out the Windows Vista driver for it, finally I found it worked under the driver for Windows XP (x86) named Of course, I cleaned the fan and the CPU up before the OS installation.

   I set the power option High, turned Aero off, chose the lowest resolution (800×600) because the display is 17 inches. If I choose the lowest resolution at the living room display, we were unable to watch videos because the display is 50 inches. After this settings, it still gave me some freezes when I watched videos. At last, I gave up the driver for RADEON 9200 SE PCI and installed a Standard VGA Graphics Adapter driver. This made much improvement.

   Now I use KeyPaso in my bedroom. Very good!

   I try to use a VL-17VS2, and I wrote a post about this. If you are interested in it, see here. “FUJITSU 30 pin display connector —>> DVI-D.

   After the MS Patch Tuesday of October, I suddenly had audio jumpiness on the KeyPaso, the driver was from Finally I have a clear sound again after installing very very old Avance AC’97 Drivers for SiS that I forgot to have it from where.

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