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Power outage???

Update information      Edit(Dec.13)

   When I got up and was going to have my breakfast, the rice was Not ready. I wondered I forgot to set its timer, but the rice cooker was slightly warm. I think we had the unexpected power outage in the early morning. My rice cooker does not have the feature that it continues to cook after the power coming back.

   I turned on the rice cooker immediately.

   After breakfast, I found I was unable to access the Internet. I have no UPS, so my sever machine has been powered off since the outage happened (← Sorry, I didn’t find about my server down for a while). But, even if my server is down, I can access the Internet. I checked my broadband router. It could not return to the normal condition. I set it up again.

   Now(9:16a.m.), I made everything back. Happy!!

   We had another power outage in the early morning. So my server was being down for about two hours before I had found it m(_”_)m.

   I heard the electric power company think they were small grounding faults. Something like between electric wires and trees. But, they tell they have not confirm the place the faults occurred, yet. Hence, I might have other outages at an early date (sigh).

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