About ‘Embed Everything’ of WordPress 4.4.


   WordPress4.4 has new features called ‘Embed Everything‘. Actually it means that WordPress becomes an oEmbed provider, Wow! So we can embed our posts on other WordPress sites now. Of course, this is possible between your own WordPress sites. Only thing you need is drag & drop or paste URL on edit area of the post. Like this.
   These days, I’ve tested this feature, and found this feature doesn’t work well about posts on the multisite. OOPS!!
   Does someone have good information about this issue? This morning (2016/1/7), 4.4.1 came and the trouble of this feature about the multisite has gone. Any bugs related to this???

   By the way, to embed videos is more easier. I think, if you don’t want a pop-up window feature, you don’t need plugins for embedding videos anymore.
  ☟ If you add only to the next line, the video shows up.

   By [embed width=”xxx” height=”xxx”][/embed], you can re-size the video like this ☟.

[embed width=”360″ height=”240″][/embed]

[embed width=”120″ height=”80″][/embed]

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