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Tonight is “Otsukimi”, but cloudy.


   Tonight is “Otsukimi“. Yesterday, I had very clear moon, but cloudy tonight (around 21:00).

The moon from my garden.
The moon from my garden.

Full Moon
Full Moon


   We have a folklore that says a rabbit lives on the moon and it pounds mochi. A song for you about rabbits and the moon. I apologize for the noise in advance. After upgrading to Windows 8.1, I cannot use a genuine sound driver for NJ2100. The noise maybe depends on it.

  • うさぎ (Rabbit)
    Usaki, usaki, nani mite haneru.
    Jūgoya otsuki sama, mite haneru.

   Now, I can see beautiful Full Moon. But, almost Sep 9.

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Thank you for this post. I’ve enjoyed the big moon yesterday night. It’s very big also here in the other side of the globe ^^. As you probably already know, we “see” in the moon a face (more or less human and more or less smiling). I kind of prefer the “rabbit” interpretation, though. ^^

Hi Shizuka!

> we “see” in the moon a face
Yes, I’ve heard of it. We, i.e. people on the Earth, have seen different things in the moon since many years ago, a face, a lion, a rabbit, a crab, and so on. Very interesting!

> I’ve enjoyed the big moon yesterday night.
We can calculate moon’s semi-diameter on this page when we see it from the earth. Amazing! Super moons sometimes call on us, and each super moon has a different diameter.

I could not see the moon just after 十五夜 (literally: fifteenth night) because of more cloudy, hence no photos. So I took pictures of the seventeenth night moon. We call seventeenth night moons 立待月 (literally: Moon we wait standing). Moonrise becomes late with its age, so sixteenth night moons are called いざよい (literally: hesitation), seventeenth night moons are called 立待月, etc.





The moon on the photos is with thin clouds. In my opinion the moon with thin cloud is more beautiful than the clear moon. This is maybe Japanese feelings.

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