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I can’t do ‘Otsukimi’, tonight.

2010.09.22   Today, it’s 15th of August by our old calendar(旧暦). By tradition, we do ‘Otsukimi(お月見)’ at the night every year.
   When we do ‘Otsukimi’, we decorate Japanese pampas grass(すすき), moon-offerings of sake and dango, and we view and admire the full moon and enjoy an autumn evening.
   Recently, this custom is fading out. I don’t make decorations anymore, but I still remember the full moon of this night.

   A little minutes ago, though I stood in my garden and looked up the sky, I could not find the moon because of thick cloud. Last year, at the night I had a cloudy day, too. But at that time, I could see the full moon and take its picture like the right.

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