WordPress 4.0 named “Benny” is available but waiting Japanese version.

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   WordPress 4.0 named “Benny” is available but waiting Japanese version. How about you, guys?

   I had a comment from くりくりさん on the Japanese blog. He wrote “We can select the WordPress language for its installation.” Is this only for at the new installation? I didn’t see about languages at its upgrade though I already have WordPress 4.0 on my test site. On my production sites I run a multisite type, so I am waiting a Japanese version 4.0 because of unease for upgrading. I can see a new in the language folder on the test site. So it might be no problem.

   But the production sites default language is English. To upgrade or not to be: that is the question.

   I upgraded to WordPress 4.0-ja at 02:57. I read WordPress 4.0 における言語関連実装の変更とその注意点. So, I deleted the line “define(‘WPLANG’, ‘ja’);” from my old wp-config.php. I deactivated the plugin WP Multibyte Patch on my WordPress Network and re-activated it for the two Japanese child sites.

   I strongly tell myself to remember the followings the next time.

  1. To add two lines to class-http.php.
  2. To add my CA data to ca-bundle.crt.

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