Ajax Edit Comments v5.0.13.0.

   Yesterday(maybe, on 11th by UTC), they released Ajax Edit Comments v5.0.13.0. I tested the version.

   I installed it easily and began to use it immediately, and it works well. I posted How to use Ajax Edit Comments v5.0.7.0 about 11 months ago. The version was very difficult. But, Ajax Edit Comments seems to back in an easy one.

   It doesn’t need the directory “aec” in the uploads anymore. If you update from a version using “aec” to the version, the directory “aec” still remains in your uploads. You can delete it without concern. If this is for the first install of the plugin, you can activate and use it soon after installing. Of course, you need to set up the options.

   I feel the v5.0.13.0 backs in a common WP plugin. Welcome back, Ajax Edit Comments!!

   The new version supports WP multi-site, too. I made “Network Activate” as Network Admin, and I set a Japanese mo file for AEC. Then I can use English AEC on my English blog and Japanese AEC on my Japanese blog. Happy!!


Mobile Theme.

MobileTheme   Today, I activated a feature of the Jetpack plugin, Mobile Theme. Now, you can read my blog more easier on a mobile device, like an iPhone. (^_~)

Snow falling on my blog.

Update information      Edit(2013.Jan.4)

   As you know, WordPress has the plugin that “Falling snow on a blog from Dec. 1st to Jan. 4th”. It is recently included in Jetpack. But, I did not activate this feature because the beginning of December I didn’t feel cold enough to fall snow.

   These days, I feel cold enough and am approaching the new year, so, I turn on it today.
   Can you see it?

   Until snowing, it takes for a while, please patient.

   The snow stopped. I wrote “to Jan. 4th” unthinkingly, but the plugin said “until January 04”. So it seems Jan. 4th scarcely came when the snow stopped. Still now to get these subtle meaning is very difficult for me (^^;).


Updating to WordPress 3.5.

   Today, Japanese WordPress develop members announced they brought the new Japanese version WordPress for us, according to the Codex for Version 3.5, there are tons of changes I feel. So, I updated gingerly. But, all are good after updating. Happy!!

   The wp-app.php has gone. They say if you want to re-enable it, you can do it with a plugin.


My calendar-#2.

   As you guys probably noticed, my blog calendar did not display the date of posts since my having upgraded PHP 5.3.x to PHP 5.4.x. I always used the same type calendar when I had built my blog with Movable Type 4.x. I did not change it when I became to use WordPress. But now, I have to quit to use it? Oh, my.

   Though I asked for the plugin author to fix this issue, I do not have any reply until now. I gave up to use my old calendar, and sought for the similar calendar i.e. one-line calendar. And I found. Voila!!

   Thanks a lot, さかなさん.


How to use Ajax Edit Comments v5.0.7.0

Update  Edit(Feb.7)  Edit2(2013.Jan.12)

   Today, I made it. Thanks juneさん.

   Now I’m going to talk about ‘How to use Ajax Edit Comments v5.0.7.0’. 🙂

  1. Install Ajax Edit Comments v5.0.7.0. But, when you finish installing it, you never activate it immediately.
  2. Access your server by FTP client software.
  3. Make directory ‘aec’ under /wp-content/uploads and change its permission to ‘707’ or ‘777’.
  4. Activate the plugin from your Dashboard.
    You need 7 files in your ‘aec’ directory, admin.js, edit-comments.css, ajax-edit-comments.js, comment-editor.css, frontend.js, popups.js and index.php. At this point, only two files exist there, admin.js and edit-comments.css.
    When you click ‘Update Settigs’ bottun on the AEC setting page, other 4 files are created.
    About index.php you have to make it manually, and write in it   ‘<?php // Silence is golden.’.
  5. About 6 files are created automatically, their owner is server and they are unwritable. If you use shell or something, change owner and permission by it.
  6. If you can’t use such tools, follow the next steps.
  7. Access your server by FTP client software.
  8. Download directory ‘aec’ and remove it.
  9. Remake directory ‘aec’ under /wp-content/uploads and change its permission to ‘707’ or ‘777’.
  10. Reupload 6 files, admin.js, edit-comments.css, ajax-edit-comments.js, comment-editor.css, frontend.js, popups.js and change their permission to ‘606’ or ‘666’.
    Upload index.php to directory ‘aec’.

   That’s it. Good luck. ;-P

   We still have two errors, ‘Stack overflow at line: 2’ from IE8 and ‘too much recursion’ from FireFox 9.0.1. But the plugin works in a sort.

   I almost forgot to write. When you try other versions, you’d better clear your browser cache. Or, you don’t get new effects well.

   NOTE) When you change the permission of directory/file, you may need some minutes to take effect.

   I think v5.0.7.0.’s trouble has roots in owner and permission of the directory ‘aec’. Why do I think so? Because, on my own server, whose OS is WindowsXp Professional Sp3, the plugin works. As we know, WindowsXp server has poor owner and permission managements. And most people say the older version works and it does not have the directory ‘aec’.

   At any rate, v5.0.7.0. is not a WordPress plugin, I think. A WordPress plugin is easy to install and easy to activate. Soon you can use it. That’s a WordPress plugin.

   I sent an email about this to the support team the day before yesterday. I’ve not had a reply yet. I wonder I’ll have a good news. I hope so. I love this plugin. If I give up it, it’s a shame for it.

   Also, both older and new version have an error, ‘Stack overflow at line: 2’ from IE and ‘too much recursion’ from FireFox. Most of people are unaware of it in normal use. But it’s for real. It is probably from some JavaScript codes, I want to fix it if they can.

   Ver. has been released today. I think you can install and use it easily.


Memorandum #1.

   This morning I couldn’t access ‘o6asan’s soliloquy.’ All my sites exist on A WordPress3.2.1 network, and other two my sites I could. So, ‘What’s wrong with ‘o6asan’s soliloquy.’?’, I thought.

   I thought some ways to resolve this. First, I logged on ‘phpMyAdmin’. I optimized and repaired all tables. Though I concerned I would need several steps, after this the trouble disappeared.

   Now, I’m happy. (^_^)


Trying to unify CMS of my site to WordPress.

   These days, I try to unify CMS of my sites to WordPress. My English blog uses Movable Type 5.12. My Japanese blog does WordPress 3.2.1. The rest parts of my site are made by my hand coding. So, their management is complicate.

   I created my test site by WordPress and made it to network. Two blogs were easily able to change to Word Press ones. But I have trouble with parts of my hand coding. I try to make an original theme for them by HTML5 and css3. It’s difficult for me. Would I succeed in my mission?

   One thing I feel confused about is I can’t use /BLOG/ because ‘blog’ is one of WordPress reserved words. When success is achieved, I have no choice but to change from /BLOG/ to /blog-e/.

   My theme mission by HTML5 and css3 failed. I found most browsers hadn’t supported HTML5 completely yet. This makes codes of my theme so complicated. Then, I’ve changed my mind, for which I use XHTML and CSS.


One of WordPress plug-in “SimilarPosts”

   WordPress has a lot of plug-ins. I’m interested in one of them named “SimilarPosts”. It automatically searches and displays some related posts in my blog. Last night, I made the Japanese localization of the plug-in complete.

   “SimilarPosts” had the pot file but it did not work very well, and its preparation for localization was not completed, so I had a little bit difficulty. My number one problem is that I really don’t understand ‘php’ and ‘gettext’. 😉
   I lost my drive gradually because I had to learn a lot about them. But I asked Rob who is this plug-in’s author, “Do you still want the files though they are not complete?”, he replied “yes”. Then I felt uplifted again. Such a tractor thing is necessary for every motivation.

   When I finished SimilarPosts’s localization, I still had some English parts in it because it worked by PostPluginLibrary’s assist. As it made me sick, I ended up localizing PostPluginLibrary. This was more difficult because its condition was more …… well, it’s all in the past now. 🙂

   I haven’t uploaded the localization file at my Japanese blog yet. The reason is my mo file doesn’t work in the plug-in (version until Rob renews the files. Perhaps, I hope Rob bundles it to the next zip.


Japanese plum blossoms(梅花).

ume.jpg   The weekend before last, in my garden, Japanese plum blossoms(梅の花) that started opening up at one burst had to stay at a standstill due to the cold at the beginning of last week, but are in bloom today by a few days’ warmth.
   All plants are great. Because they cannot move only a step from the point taken root. This tree is very very old and might have experienced a terrible weather change since it was very young, however, it is still in bloom when spring comes, and also bears a lot of fruits in the rainy season(梅雨).

A tip for “WordPress”
   At very first time, uploading an image file, you have an error.
   Because the server doesn’t have a directory such as “/wp/wp-content/uploads” and cannot create it automatically.
   So, you need to make the directory manually.