One of WordPress plug-in “SimilarPosts”

   WordPress has a lot of plug-ins. I’m interested in one of them named “SimilarPosts”. It automatically searches and displays some related posts in my blog. Last night, I made the Japanese localization of the plug-in complete.

   “SimilarPosts” had the pot file but it did not work very well, and its preparation for localization was not completed, so I had a little bit difficulty. My number one problem is that I really don’t understand ‘php’ and ‘gettext’. 😉
   I lost my drive gradually because I had to learn a lot about them. But I asked Rob who is this plug-in’s author, “Do you still want the files though they are not complete?”, he replied “yes”. Then I felt uplifted again. Such a tractor thing is necessary for every motivation.

   When I finished SimilarPosts’s localization, I still had some English parts in it because it worked by PostPluginLibrary’s assist. As it made me sick, I ended up localizing PostPluginLibrary. This was more difficult because its condition was more …… well, it’s all in the past now. 🙂

   I haven’t uploaded the localization file at my Japanese blog yet. The reason is my mo file doesn’t work in the plug-in (version until Rob renews the files. Perhaps, I hope Rob bundles it to the next zip.

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