Ajax Edit Comments v5.0.13.0.

   Yesterday(maybe, on 11th by UTC), they released Ajax Edit Comments v5.0.13.0. I tested the version.

   I installed it easily and began to use it immediately, and it works well. I posted How to use Ajax Edit Comments v5.0.7.0 about 11 months ago. The version was very difficult. But, Ajax Edit Comments seems to back in an easy one.

   It doesn’t need the directory “aec” in the uploads anymore. If you update from a version using “aec” to the version, the directory “aec” still remains in your uploads. You can delete it without concern. If this is for the first install of the plugin, you can activate and use it soon after installing. Of course, you need to set up the options.

   I feel the v5.0.13.0 backs in a common WP plugin. Welcome back, Ajax Edit Comments!!

   The new version supports WP multi-site, too. I made “Network Activate” as Network Admin, and I set a Japanese mo file for AEC. Then I can use English AEC on my English blog and Japanese AEC on my Japanese blog. Happy!!

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