Upgrading from MySQL5.5 to 5.6 on Windows.


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   Now, MySQL Community Server’s latest version is 5.6.10, and I heard this is the first GA. As I used MySQL5.5 until yesterday, I’ve upgraded to 5.6. I installed the previous version mysql-installer-community-, but this time I decided to use a Zip archive. I didn’t want to change the installation path name of MySQL because for easy configuration. So I took the next procedures. My server OS is still WindowsXP SP3(x86).

  1. Changing our MySQL, we have to back up our current MySQL installation before performing a change. I backed up all my databases by phpMyAdmin. I stored the file my.ini and wrote down the installation path name of MySQL, C:Program FilesMySQLMySQL Server x.x.
  2. Control Panel >> Administrative tools >> Services
    Select the MySQL Service name and stop
  3. Control Panel >> Add or Remove Programs
    Select the MySQL Server 5.5 and remove

    When you remove it, the application data of MySQL still remains. So, your current databases are maybe all safe. But, if you want more safe, you’d better back up them.
    Upgrading one MySQL Zip archive to another, you can overwrite the existing installation. But, I used the msi to install the previous version, so, I need the uninstaller, if not, a MySQL zombie remains on the list of ‘Add or Remove Programs’.

  4. Download and extract the file
  5. Remake the folder ‘MySQL Server x.x’ in my C:Program FilesMySQL, then, install the directories and files to the folder. You can install all of extract things. But, I only installed the next 5 directories and 2 files because I do not use others on my server by remote.
    • directories
    • files

    I also installed my old my.ini to the same hierarchy of the new my-default.ini.

  6. As I used the uninstaller, the MySQL Service was also deleted. So I need the new service.

    Run cmd.exe
    cd C:Program FilesMySQLMySQL Server x.xbin
    mysqld.exe –install

  7. Control Panel >> Administrative tools >> Services
    Select the MySQL Service name and start

    If its ‘Startup Type’ is not ‘Automatic’, we have to change it to ‘Automatic’.

    When I made to start it, I had an error. orz.

  8. I checked my event viewer. It gave me “MySQL: unknown variable ‘table_cache=256′”. At MySQL5.6 default I found ‘table_cache′ disabled.

    By the way, why did I set this option? I had no idea. Though I re-learned about ‘ table_cache, max_connections, open_files_limit’, I made no sense of it. Hmm.

    On the new server the default value of max_connections is 151 (<<--- You can know it by the command "show variables like 'max_connections'"). According to Upgrading from MySQL 5.5 to 5.6, between 5.5 and 5.6 have some Configuration Changes. They say ‘The idea behind autosizing’. So I deleted two lines about table_cache and max_connections in my old my.ini.

    Start the service again. Complete!!!

  9. Run cmd.exe
    cd C:Program FilesMySQLMySQL Server x.xbin

    I had the error.
    Got error: 1045: Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: NO) when trying to connect
    FATAL ERROR: Upgrade failed

    So I did again.
    mysql_upgrade.exe –password[=password]

    Complete. But I have the warning next.
    Warning: Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure.

    My server configuration doesn’t make the command line data go the Internet. If your server permits your command line input to go outside and other users use the server, you maybe need more attentions.

    I restarted the MySQL service. mysql_upgrade — Check and Upgrade MySQL Tables says the need for it.

  10. After this, I can access my blog. So I thought I made it, but, without reason I checked my event viewer again. Then, I found the warning next.
    TIMESTAMP with implicit DEFAULT value is deprecated. Please use –explicit_defaults_for_timestamp server option (see documentation for more details).

    I think this is very common warning because Upgrading from MySQL 5.5 to 5.6 has the information about this. I added the next line to the [mysqld] area of the my.ini.

    I restarted the MySQL service. The warning has gone.

That’s it. Mission complete. I’m exhausted! (^_~;)

   I had another warning on the log file xxxx.err. Like this.

  • InnoDB: Warning: Using innodb_additional_mem_pool_size is DEPRECATED. This option may be removed in future releases, together with the option innodb_use_sys_malloc and with the InnoDB’s internal memory allocator.

   I found “innodb_use_sys_malloc=on”. What does this warning say exactly?

   I turned “innodb_use_sys_malloc=off” and got the warning next.

  • InnoDB: Warning: Setting innodb_use_sys_malloc to FALSE is DEPRECATED. This option may be removed in future releases, together with the InnoDB’s internal memory allocator.

   As I got it probably said “no need to set the option innodb_additional_mem_pool_size”, I comment-outed innodb_additional_mem_pool_size in the my.ini. By the way, I found out MySQL 5.6 features made much progress gained a good reputation. It is wasted on a tiny blogger like me (^^;).

   I also had ‘IPv6 is not available.’ on the xxxx.err. It’s neither an error nor a warning, though…… I can not deal with it by myself. I wonder my provider is preparing for it.

   I wrote an article about a new installation of a MySQL5.6 on the post ‘To create a Wamp-like Web Server in Windows7-#3.‘.


You can look inside!

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   I added my new translation to the page “Kirin tidings“.

   By the way, you can look inside the books. Click the links below!! Unfortunately, all of them are in Japanese only. But you can see the covers of both the front and the back. Enjoy!!

  1. Demon’s Child(魔性の子)
  2. The Shadow of the Moon, The Sea of Shadow #1(月の影 影の海[上])
  3. The Shadow of the Moon, The Sea of Shadow #2(月の影 影の海[下])
  4. Sea of Wind, Shore of the Labyrinth(風の海 迷宮の岸)

   I’ve added new one.
   5. Sea God in the East, Vast Sea in the West(東の海神 西の滄海)

   I’ve added new ones.
   6. A Thousand Miles of Wind, The Sky at Dawn #1 (風の万里 黎明の空・上)
   7. A Thousand Miles of Wind, The Sky at Dawn #2 (風の万里 黎明の空・下)

   I’ve added new one.
   8. The Birds of Hisho (丕緒の鳥)

   I’ve added new ones.
   9. Tonan no Tsubasa (図南の翼)
   10. Kasho’s Dream (華胥の幽夢)


A phpMyAdmin kit containing a backdoor??

   I added my new translation to the page “Kirin tidings“.

   By the way, have you read PMASA-2012-5, yet? They say that one server from the mirror system, namely cdnetworks-kr-1, was distributing a phpMyAdmin kit containing a backdoor. They currently know only about being affected. If you use “phpMyAdmin”, please check its files out. If they include the file server_sync.php, you have a problem. See more information about it, here and here.


4.50 From Paddington (TV drama, 1987)

   This morning at 8:00, temperature is 23℃(73℉). Wow, it’s cool. Autumn is approaching me. In the afternoon, of course, it heats up to over 30℃(86℉). Now, at 17:00, still 34℃(93℉). Hot, hot, hot.

   I watched the drama “4.50 From Paddington (1987)“. Until doing this, I liked Geraldine McEwan than Joan Hickson as Miss Marple. But after that, I began to appreciate Joan Hickson as this character. I always liked “4.50 From Paddington” when first I had read it. In this, Miss Marple is very old. Geraldine McEwan as Miss Marple is cute. But, Joan Hickson has something noble as the character.

   Besides, I discovered Jill Meager as the character Lucy Eyelesbarrow is good. Lucy Eyelesbarrow is a very unique character. Unless Miss Marple got such an old age, Lucy Eyelesbarrow had no chance created by Agatha, I think. Of course, the period when the novel was written probably influences her personality. She is a working woman and I feel she is the same class as Miss Marple and her friends. Don’t you think the world of Miss Marple has no working woman of the class as Miss Marple’s? Miss Marple herself is a rich and upper-class old lady, though she is less rich with the times.

   Lucy is an educated and smart, then she picks housekeeping as her job at that time(late 1950s). And that, she is a success. Incredible!!


Finally, crashes have gone, wow.

   Recently, I had a hard time with Apache 2.4.2 restarts caused by php5ts.dll crashes. They began to happen when I updated PHP from 5.3.10 to 5.4.0. Not only I but also others have reported this trouble on
   Yesterday I noticed PHP 5.4.1 released, so I updated from 5.4.0 to 5.4.1. PHP 5.4.1 has a lot of bugs fixed. Always, PHP has many bugs. PHP 5.4.0 is also like other PHP, hehe. After PHP 5.4.1 coming to my server, I have no crashes for these 30 hours.

   I’m sooooooo happy. Wow.


Have you heard the new info about Juuni Kokuki?

   The publisher Shinchōsha announced the new release plan of Juuni Kokuki on Apr. 1.
   Apr. 1, it was very bad timing. A lot of people suspected it was one of April Fool’s jokes. m9(^Д^)
   But the official says “it’s not an April Fool’s joke.” on Twitter. m9(^Д^) x m9(^Д^)

   The most important information for me is about a newly written book. I wonder when the real publication is.

   I made a little translation of .

   If you want some new infos about Shinchōsha’s new editions of Juuni Kokuki, please see here.


My server down.

   I upgraded to PHP5.4.0 on Apr. 11. After this, I’ve been troubled by Apache restart caused by php5ts.dll crash. And, yesterday, my server pc power went out though I don’t know why. I restarted the server a few times, but the power went out every time before I knew.

   So, my site was down during most of today. I made a laptop pc a temporary server, and now my site is revived.

   I quit to use php5.4.0 again. It is my headache. I think its trouble may have caused the server PC trouble. Don’t you think so?


My memory of Blue Train.

   Until Sep. 30, a program ‘らいじんぐ産‘ was brought by NHK(日本放送協会). The program name ‘らいじんぐ産’ is a kind of puns. The pronunciation of ‘らいじんぐ産’ is similar to ‘rising sun’. On the other hand, the meaning of character ‘産’ is ‘bear’ or ‘be born’. When we use the word ‘産業’, it means ‘industry’ in English. So, ‘らいじんぐ産’ means ‘rising sun’ and ‘rising industry’, I think.

   By the way, last two episodes of this were about ‘Shinkansen (新幹線)‘. It cast my memory back to ‘Hikari (ひかり)’ and old ‘Blue Train‘.

   The first Tokaido Shinkansen train ‘Hikari’ traveled from Tokyo (東京) to Shin-Osaka (新大阪) on 1 October of 1964 at 210 km/h (130.5 mph). But my memory of Hikari isn’t between Tokyo (東京) and Shin-Osaka (新大阪) but between Tokyo (東京) and Hakata (博多). When the Okayama (岡山) to Hakata (博多) part opened on March 10 of 1975, I started to use ‘Hikari’ for coming home. At first, I took a ‘Hikari’ with excitement. But, as it took about 7 hours and was only possible during daylight travel, it was too boring and too wasting time for me. Because, at that time I was not a visitor for expecting Japan’s scenery but a student for returning home quickly.

   Until the part opening, for coming home I used Blue Train, its name maybe ‘Hayabusa (はやぶさ)’. Hayabusa was used the name as our unmanned spacecraft and this is still a fresh memory.

   Blue train was an overnight sleeper train and traveled from Tokyo to Nishi-Kagoshima (西鹿児島). Though I was stuck on Hayabusa all day long because of a typhoon, usually it delivered me to Hakata while my sleep. So, it was very convenient for me. Moreover, Hikari was more expensive than Hayabusa. :-p A plane was not in the options because of much expensive.

   Around to start working, Blue Train services was reduced and newbie’s vacation length was very short in Japan, I couldn’t get a ticket of Hayabusa for my returning home anymore, so I had no alternative but to use Hikari.   Now, if I go to Tokyo, I will take an plane.

   But I still love old Blue Train and my good old days. 🙂