Have you heard the new info about Juuni Kokuki?

   The publisher Shinchōsha announced the new release plan of Juuni Kokuki on Apr. 1.
   Apr. 1, it was very bad timing. A lot of people suspected it was one of April Fool’s jokes. m9(^Д^)
   But the official says “it’s not an April Fool’s joke.” on Twitter. m9(^Д^) x m9(^Д^)

   The most important information for me is about a newly written book. I wonder when the real publication is.

   I made a little translation of .

   If you want some new infos about Shinchōsha’s new editions of Juuni Kokuki, please see here.

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Hi O6asan,

Wow that’s a very very exciting new 😀 Thanks for share it 🙂
And good to hear it’s not a joke

Bye bye

Hi Gkatar,

> Wow that’s a very very exciting new 😀

Yep, exciting. Ono sensei changed the publisher about 12 kokuki new book. It’s the same one about the last three short stories.

> And good to hear it’s not a joke

Haha, it was very bad timing. I wondered, like others, I should believe or not at the moment.

I’m so excited about this! But the whole page is in japanese. Would you explain a little more of this so I know what to expect?
I’m being impatient. I’m still not going to get any new readings (besides your translation which seems to be close to the end now) until some good soul decides to make a fan translation. I still want to know.
Best regards to everyone.

O.K. I’ll try, Delonix.

Fortunately, now I can see the prospects about my server machine’s recovery, so, I have some free time for its translation.

Hi Delonix,

I have an information for you. I at last finished my translation of 落照の獄. Do you remember you asked me “what pages does 落照の獄 have?” It was Jan. 2011. Too long time has passed.
But if you still want to read, please enjoy it. 落照の獄

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