I updated CF-J10 and NJ2100 to Redstone1.

Update information      Edit(Aug.12)

   On August 5, I updated CF-J10 and NJ2100 to Redstone1 manually. ‘manually’ means I used Windows10Upgrade28084.exe. Because I might have a trouble if they are updated automatically when I do some important jobs on the PCs. He-he.

   Download and installing on each PC took about two hours, which probably depend on your line speed. The installation itself gave no error. But Cortana and OneDrive came back. So I did the customization again. I cannot change the Cortana folder name manually. SearchUI.exe respawns very very very quickly. You’d better use a batch file like this. The HDD problem also came back. I did 6-23 and 7-7 things again.

   By the way, I had an interest in two new features. One is ‘Reactivating Windows 10 after a hardware change’ and another is ‘Run Bash on Ubuntu on Windows’.

   I tried both of them and had a success. For ‘Reactivating Windows 10 after a hardware change’ you need Microsoft account. But after making a link you can come back to your local account. About ‘Run Bash on Ubuntu on Windows’ I need more practice to show my opinion to you.

   Today I was surprised a window named ‘AptPackageIndexUpdate’ suddenly opened on my CF-J10. First I thought this was a intruder. But I was wrong. I found the task named ‘AptPackageIndexUpdate’. I found someone like me on the internet 😉. This is a default task for ‘Windows Subsystem for Linux’ of which the trigger is “User Logon” and “PC’s idle” and it does ‘apt-get update’ automatically. This is very disturbing. So if you want to disable it, go ‘Task Scheduler’ → ‘Microsoft’ → ‘Windows’ → ‘Windows Subsystem for Linux’. Right click on ‘AptPackageIndexUpdate’ and click ‘Disable’.

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