Updating to AWStats 7.4.


   Last night, we had snow for the first time this winter and still now it’s snowing though a very light snowfall. Before getting to the main subject, I’ll introduce this tweet. Wow! Awesome! Cute!

   Getting into the main subject, I updated AWStats from 7.3 to 7.4. See ChangeLog and current features. Before this, I upgraded from ActivePerl- to ActivePerl- After upgrading PERL, I had a warning ‘Unescaped left brace in regex is deprecated, passed through in regex’ for some lines about The PERL gave the same warning to me when I updated to AWStats7.4. This is just a warning, so the script works well now. But, to fix this waring is easy. I inserted a to the each line.

  1. line 9043: $LogFormatString =~ s/"%{Referer}i"/%refererquot/g;
  2. line 9044: $LogFormatString =~ s/"%{User-Agent}i"/%uaquot/g;
  3. line 9045: $LogFormatString =~ s/%{mod_gzip_input_size}n/%gzipin/g;
  4. line 9046: $LogFormatString =~ s/%{mod_gzip_output_size}n/%gzipout/g;
  5. line 9047: $LogFormatString =~ s/%{mod_gzip_compression_ratio}n/%gzipratio/g;
  6. line 9048: $LogFormatString =~ s/(%{ratio}n)/%deflateratio/g;

   If you install AWStats at the first time, see AWStats Installation, Configuration and Reporting.

   On the new awstats.model.conf, the following directives are added.

# By default, AWStats only records info on 404 'Document Not Found' errors.
# At the cost of additional processing time, further info pages can be made
# available by adding codes below.
# Change : Effective for new updates only
# Example: "403 404"
# Default: "404"
TrapInfosForHTTPErrorCodes = "400 403 404"
# Show http error page details
# Context: Web, Streaming
# Default: R, Possible column codes: RH
# REQUIRED MODULES: Geo::IP or Geo::IP::PurePerl (from Maxmind, version >= 1.40)
# PARAMETERS: [GEOIP_STANDARD | GEOIP_MEMORY_CACHE] [/pathto/geoipv6.dat[+/pathto/override.txt]]
# DESCRIPTION: Builds a country chart and adds an entry to the hosts 
# table with country name
# works with IPv4 and also IPv6 addresses
# Replace spaces in the path of geoip data file with string "%20".
#LoadPlugin="geoip6 GEOIP_STANDARD /pathto/GeoIPv6.dat"

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