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Nochi no tsuki (後の月) 2015


   Tonight is Nochi no tsuki (後の月). I took pictures of the Moon. At Sep. 27, I mean at Otsukimi this year, I failed to take pictures of dark patches on the Moon. One of my reasons of failures is that night was cloudy, but most biggest reason is my new digital camera, DSC-WX220, which I don’t use longer enough.

   This time I could take the pictures of the patches. I owe this to りりさん who told this page to me. I use the page as reference, I took pictures with spot photometry, exposure correction -2.0, ISO sensitivity 100 or Auto and image size 18M. Thanks a lot りりさん.

2015.Sep.25@21:45JST  F/5.9  1/250  ISO125

2015.Sep.25@21:45JST  F/5.9  1/400  ISO100

2015.Sep.25@21:53JST  F/5.9  1/100  ISO100

2015.Sep.25@21:53JST  F/5.9  1/500  ISO100

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