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Today’s bird – 9 poses & a video of Gabichō.


   I took these photos from the living room window of my house. It’s a Gabichō(画眉鳥). After a year of unremitting effort, I finally took its photos clearly ha-ha-ha. I first saw Gabichō around my house last year. Actually this is one of Invasive Alien Species in Japan. In fact, it is a nuisance. But it’s not Gabichō’s faults.

   It sings very loud, so we can hear it easily, but it is usually in a bushy place, so we cannot see it easily. Finally, I took its pictures. Happy!!

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Nice guy! As for I’ve read on wiki you was lucky because it’s a bird quite hard do observe. It reminds me a bird called “occhiocotto” (Sylvia melanocephala) for the coloured ring around the eye, red in that case and not so showy at all ^^. But just for the eye ring because I think the Sylvia is quite smaller and very different (and not realted ^^). It’s just that the gabichou suggested me this little bird.

> you was lucky
Yes, I think so. I had a year of unremitting effort, ha-ha-ha.

I found occhiocotto has a Japanese name クロガシラムシクイ which means ‘Black head worm eater’. This name is very explanatory that means the bird is not common for the Japanese. The uncommon things for the inhabitants in a certain place have explanatory names, because someone gives a name to it instead a name was generated in everyday life. This is interesting.

On the link page, I saw the occhiocotto’s red eye ring. It’s cute.

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