Updating to PHP5.5.15.

Update information      Edit(Aug.1)

   They released PHP5.5.15 on Jul-24 01:03:48UTC. So, I updated my PHP from 5.5.14 to 5.5.15 on my Web server (Windows7HP+SP1(x86)). ChangeLog.

   PHP 5.6.0RC3 is delayed than planned. What’s happening?

   By the way, I read “Fix a memory consumption denial of service in the WinNT MPM” on Changes with Apache 2.4.10. So I stopped using the word around. But it did not work well. On the next day, I rolled back the work around.

   Finally they released PHP 5.6.0RC3. It’s two weeks later than scheduled. They say their next Release Candidate should show up on the 14th of August. Is PHP 5.6.0GA going to show up in September?

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