I turned pale-#3.


   Whew, I had a terrible time. However, I cannot complain to anyone because that was my own fault.

   Yesterday, while I was writing about the article related to phpMyAdmin and MariaDB, I saw the error log of MariaDB and found some errors on it. I thought they came from my manual update. So I started messing around with MariaDB to solve them, had so enthusiasm to it and fell into a pitfall, grrr. As I did multiple things for the time, I could not understand what gave me such wrong conditions really. What a goofy situation!! I make such a blunder every few years, oops.

   I gave up to restore the MariaDB after all and re-installed MariaDB 10.0.12. Now, I think it was better to re-install it from the first. But I did not back up the latest data for a change, so I couldn’t give up restoring the old state easily. Danger past and God forgotten. I can’t believe my deficit in learning ability, he-he.

  As a result I lost three articles.

  All have come back. But very early in the morning now. Exhausted!

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