Updating to PHP5.5.14.


   They released PHP5.5.14 on Jun-25 23:06:26UTC. So, I updated my PHP from 5.5.13 to 5.5.14 on my Web server (Windows7HP+SP1(x86)).

   According to ChangeLog, this includes eight CVE fixes, oh! my gosh. They also concerns about bug 67072. If you have issues related to this and need more information, you should visit their upgrading guide.

   The php.ini-production has no change. As the official PHP binary includes php5apache2_4.dll, I extract the zip archive and replace all PHP5.5.13 files with all PHP5.5.14 files except my php.ini. Then, I restart my Apache. That’s it.

   If you need how to configure PHP5.5, please see the post. It is for a mbstrings user, but the information gives some help for you.

   I used this opportunity to update to phpMyAdmin 4.2.5 and MariaDB 10.0.12. If you need more information about their configuration, Please see “phpMyAdmin 4.2.0 is released” and “MariaDB 5.5“.

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