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I couldn’t find my mesh strainer!!


green peas 水羊羹
green peas 水羊羹 with tea
   The day before yesterday, in the freezer compartment, I found green peas I had forgotten. I decided to make bean paste for 水羊羹(みずようかん). Boiled and mashed, but I thought the peels must have given us bad texture. So I changed my plan which was making 粒餡(つぶあん). 粒餡 is made of whole beans. To make 漉し餡(こしあん), I need a mesh strainer. When we make 漉し餡, we must remove peels and mash peas more smaller. So I looked for my strainer, but I couldn’t find it, oops. I always act after the event, he-he.
   Where has my strainer gone? I did not have used it for years, well I had no choice. I made 漉し餡 without Japanese strainers.
   I had acceptable 漉し餡. ~~~~~≫ Now, I’ll show you my 水羊羹!!

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