I am depressed for some reason.

   Can I complain the difficulty of my translation?

   Actually, for about 10 days, I have been depressed for some reason. I know my English is bad, so my translation is not good. But when I find that someone says about it not here but somewhere on the Internet, which lets me down. Because it is the same as to talk behind my back, I can do nothing against it.

   Previously, one of my blog visitors offered me some help, and I was very glad though it was not done well. Now, another visitor are giving me some help. The two told me straight “this is better than that”. I really appreciate their help. My English is not good, so I think the translation has a lot of points to be corrected. But the problem is I cannot get them by myself. If I know about them by myself, I can correct them, of course.

   You know, I am NOT a professional translator and I am NOT a native English speaker. Like some software developers who volunteered sometimes ask for donations, I want your correction as a donation for my translation if you are good at English. (^^;)

   Thanks in advance!!

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Hi, O6asan

It happened to me more than once, someone complaining about my translations on the net. In a direct and indirect way. This things make me feel mad and sad, not only because I spend my time translating this, but also because I did it for other people to be able to read it so they get to know the story.
At the end I only tell them how unpolite it is to underestimate the work like that for someone who is doing you a favor. After that they apologise or they say no more.
This is one of the reasons why I apreciate your translations and your blog

Bye bye 🙂

Hi, LTNS. (^^)

> This is one of the reasons why I apreciate your translations and your blog

Thanks for your comment. So kind.

Actually, I want corrections not complaints. If someone complains my translation, I think he can make corrections. He must be good at English because he got my expressions were bad. If so, he should contact me and should tell me. In this case, the acts is so helpful for other readers. I thought so, and I wrote the article.

hi O6asan!
You may know it now, but still i want to say it.
Never take comments as an attack to your heart, but an excercise to your mind. What I mean is, since most people don’t think empathically towards others, they comment without taking into account the other person’s feelings. Take their comment as a warning, but never as a wall between you and your goals. That is how i feel when people critizise how i speak or what i do.
I’m not an English native speaker either, but my English is better than my native language, Spanish (which is a horrible truth). Now i take it as a joke among my friends, and try to improve in everyway i can.
Speaking other languages and, even more, translating are bound to make people have many difficulties, in your core ideologies and ways of seeing the world. You, as you did, just have to work harder, towards imporvement and never stay stuck in comfort thinking that your current level is the highest you can reah. Humans are limitless in many ways, specially in their minds and souls; we are infinite 🙂

Hi Tracy1Laiyen,

Thanks for your concern.
What I wanted to say was not about my translation really but about such a person’s behavior (i.e. someone says about it not here but somewhere on the Internet).

Actually, I’m OK now. Thanks again.

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