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Finally, autumn has come.


I think autumn has come.
I think autumn has come.
   From Wednesday to Monday, we had rain after a certain interval in my town. Especially, we had a good amount of rainfall from 24th to 26th. Though the rain made disasters some other areas, we had good rain for us because some crops wanted water in my town. And, the rain brought autumn to my town. The rain stopped on 26th and we have very sunny days yesterday and today, so the heat comes back again during the day. But, very much different compared to a week ago. I made a graph, please take a look!

   The graph based on the data of my town AMeDAS(アメダス). Do you know Japanese AMeDAS? First, “AMeDAS” is an abbreviation of “automated meteorological data acquisition system”. Second, AMeDAS instruments exist throughout Japan. Of course, in my town. Third, we use its data anytime we need them. Where can we find them? At JMA official site. So, I used them and made the graph. Actually, my town AMeDAS is a miner version and does not give us the humidity data, so I took the data of it from the nearest city AMeDAS.

   If you want to visit Japan except Hokkaidō someday, and if the length of the visit is very short, I am never going to recommend a summer travel to you. (^^;)(^^;)(^^;)

Note for the graph:

What is the name of this caterpillar? #2
What is the name of this caterpillar? #2
What is the name of this caterpillar?
What is the name of this caterpillar?
 於わが町:at mytown
 昨日まで:until yesterday
 最高気温(℃):Highest temperature(℃)
 最低気温(℃):Lowest temperature(℃)

   By the way, I found a caterpillar in my garden. Of course, in the garden some insects live everyday. But this kind of caterpillar is very first time for me. Do you know the name of this caterpillar?

   One of my Japanese Blog visitors told me the name of the caterpillar. It is a caterpillar of Theretra japonica. Now, my head was cleared. (^^)

   Thanks a lot, FHさん.

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