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Rhododendrons of the mountain.

   Today, it’s very sunny. I went and saw blooming rhododendrons to the mountain about which I wrote before, Spring snow, Momijigari(紅葉狩), and Hatsumōde(初詣) five days late. In this season, a garden in the mountain, Hikosan Kaen (英彦山花園), is famous for flowers of rhododendrons (シャクナゲ).

   I found the blooming rhododendrons and others in and out of the garden. Beautiful!!

   And I also visited Hōheiden (奉幣殿) and got Omikuji. Ha-ha.

英彦山花園 CIMG3612 CIMG3615
CIMG3617 CIMG3618 CIMG3619
CIMG3620 CIMG3621 CIMG3622
CIMG3624 CIMG3626 CIMG3631
CIMG3632 CIMG3633  

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> Do Rhododendrons grow wildly in Japan?

Yes. They are not wild in Hikosan Kaen (英彦山花園), though. We call Rhododendrons names vary according to species, like Tsutsuji (ツツジ), Satsuki (サツキ) and Shakunage (シャクナゲ). Actually, シャクナゲ is my town flower. I think CIMG3617, 3618, 3619 are Tsukushi Shakunage (ツクシシャクナゲ). Its scientific name is Rhododendron japonoheptamerum var. japonoheptamerum by Wikipedia.

By the way, your new photos are very pretty on flickr, too. We use a kind of Commelina as a color since ancient times. Though it is very weak as a color, it has beautiful blue.

Those are very pretty flowers to have as your town’s flower.
I didn’t know that Commelina could be use for colouring. Here is mostly a weed, but some people say it can be used to cure eye infections and other ocular diseases by pouring the liquid that comes from under the flowers into your eyes. I really don’t want to try that!!!

> I really don’t want to try that!!!


> I didn’t know that Commelina could be use for colouring.

I don’t know how to use exactly, but I heard the petals are used for it.

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