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   These days, autumn is at its height and the leaves are at their peak color in Japan. When I came back to Japan, I always wanted to go to Momijigari(紅葉狩). But, weather is good when I have no time, I have free time when weather is bad. So, my visit was delayed about for a week. Last weekend, weather was bad again.

   Today, it was from cloudy to sunny. I went to the mountain I sometimes wrote about here. For years, when I go there, I only visit Hōheiden(奉幣殿), today I decided to call on Takasumi jinja(高住神社). It is also called Buzenbō(豊前坊). Eight Tengu(八天狗) of Buzenbō(豊前坊) are famous in the past, and they are written in Noh(能) “Kurama(鞍馬)” a little.

   By the way, I saw autumn leaves are very beautiful. I share some of them with you!!

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