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Spring snow.

    We had a lot of snow in the afternoon on 10th of March. But it disappeared by next afternoon because it was the spring snow.
   However, Mt.Hiko was still covered with snow at that time. It is very suitable for it because it has been worshiped as a divine mountain since long long ago.
   I’d like to take its picture covered with snow for a long time. Though it’s very difficult for me, I challenged it on 11th of March on my way home.
   I’ll show you it. How do you think? Nice or not?

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Hi, gkatar,
It’s not a lake. It’s a grass field. Most parts of Mt.Hiko (英彦山) are covered with forests. But this part has no trees. We call that “Ski Slope (スキー場)”.
The height of Mt.Hiko is only 1200 meters (3937 feet), is located at 33.5 degrees north latitude, has a lot of rain. And it has not a little snow, though it exists in southern place.

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