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I met a deer.

   Recently, I often go swimming as I told before and drive a narrow mountain road to reach to my pool. Today, I met a deer on my way, when I went swimming as usual. Around 6:15p.m., but already dark. When it was suddenly caught in car headlights, I almost ran it down to death. It was for the first time for me to meet a deer on this mountain road. I sometimes see wild animals, for example, tamukis (タヌキ), itachis (イタチ). It is a pity itachis are very often run down to death because they are small and they have a habit of suddenly crossing a road. A deer, however, is a complete different story. If my car hit it, the car might be broken. When go swimming, I have no cellphone and almost no money. Besides, few houses are located along the route. I am horrified by thought of a car accident occurring.

   Oh, Deer! Please care of yourself, and, it will also guard me. (^^;)

   By the way, one of my friends told me his pc became infected by a one-click ware while his net surfing. I disabled its network, examined his pc, and found a malware which uses mshta.exe and HTA for the wrong purpose. It makes a popup windows every 5 minutes. I strongly recommended him to recovery the windows OS.
   Be that as it may, he needs to stop popups to rescue some data on the hard-drive. I deleted entries on the task scheduler and the msconfig startup. Popups stopped. But who knows about his pc is complete safe or not?!

   Dear friends, be a careful surfer!!

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