I went to Basque. #1

My trip to Basque-#1   At 4a.m. on Oct.17 JST, I got up. I left my house at 4:25a.m. and drove to Fukuoka Airport. I arrived at the parking lot around 5:40. About 70 minutes. It was very short time because it was early morning. I got a takeoff from the Narita at 12:15.

   When I arrived at my hotel in Bilbao, Spain, it was almost the end of the day. I faced the time difference, so it took about 26 hours since I had got up. This included about 6hours as connecting flights time. Very very tired.

   The next morning, I got up at 7:30 because of the tour schedule though I wanted to sleep more and more. My travel agency usually does not plan a hard schedule. But the schedule of the day was very hard for me. At that time, I regretted taking the tour a little bit.

   By the way, I made a slide show. Please take a look. It has no sound. And you can never find me on it. (^^;)

   The dinner of the day was so late and so heavy though it just stuck to schedule. I was really tired again.

   To be continued. (^_~)

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