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能と狂言の夕べ   On Sep. 28, I saw Noh(能) “Adachigahara(安達原)” at the Hall nearby. At the same time, they staged Kyōgen(狂言) “Bōshibari(棒縛り)”, and Noh “Futarishizuka(二人静)” as an opening act(舞囃子). In 舞囃子, actors have no mask and perform a main part of the Noh play.
   Three plays were performed in the order below.

  1. Futarishizuka(二人静)
  2. Bōshibari(棒縛り)
  3. Adachigahara(安達原)

   Though I often go and see Kyōgen, this is the first live Noh play I have ever seen. Noh is very closely related with Kyōgen and their history is similar in length. But nowadays, we have less chance of seeing Noh than seeing Kyōgen. This time, we had no famous actors in the performers, but they were good shows.

   By the way, actually I love Kyōgen than Kabuki. And, only “Bōshibari(棒縛り)” I can find on YouTube. Please click the link and enjoy it!!

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