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Tonight is “Otsukimi”, but, again……

台風17号   Today, it’s 15th of August by our old calendar(旧暦). It’s time for “Otsukimi(お月見)”. But, I cannot see the full moon from my house because of thick clouds.

   Japan has the typhoon season now. Actually, we still have the aftereffect of Tropical Storm Jelawat(台風17号) in Kyūshū area today. See the right image.

izayoi2012   “お月見” and “台風”, both of them are features of autumn in Japan. One is good, the other is bad. The night happens to coincide with a typhoon might be natural.

   Look!! I saw a clear moon on Oct. 1st and took the picture. When we take a good hard look at the image, we can get the upper right-hand of the moon wanes a little. But, it’s O.K. because it’s beautiful. Don’t you think so? (^o^)

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