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Polar Bear’s Café(しろくまカフェ)

Polar Bear’s Café   Recently I’m totally hooked on this (^o^). It’s an Anime. If you live in Japan, you can watch it on some TV stations or Gyao. If you are in USA, Canada, UK & Ireland, AUS & NZ, South Africa, Netherlands, Scandinavia, you can see it at crunchyroll. If you are in other areas of the Earth, I’m sorry I don’t know how you can see it.

   It’s a very relaxing, lighthearted and funny comedy. After watching this, I renew myself in spirit (^o^). When you are depressed about all small things of your everyday life, please see it (^_~;). Of course, you like it or not, it depends on you.

   And I recommend this for people just starting to learn Japanese. This series contains a lot of puns, so it might be difficult for beginners. But except this, it’s very easy to understand. Let’s try it!!

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Actually you can watch it on the net, even if you are not in any of those countries 🙂
bye 🙂


Yes, I have watched the first two episodes two weeks ago, but I think I miss the jokes about the misundertanded words.

(You know, It took me a while to understand LTNS haha 🙂

Oh, really!!

What sub have you used? English, Spanish, or nothing? The puns in their episodes, all of them are from pronunciation similarity in Japanese. So, if you know “how to pronounce the words in Japanese”, you can understand the puns.

> It took me a while to understand LTNS haha 🙂

I just wanted to use an Internet short-hand. (^^;)

> English, English.

Hmm. I wonder how they translate the puns.

My explanation of Part 1 (^^;)
Penguin says,
  Caffe Mocha, please. More! (Kafe moka, onegai. Okawari!)
Polar bear cosplays four types, and Penguin makes comebacks,
  Sunflower (himawari)
  Daily special (higawari)
  Wood-chopping (makiwari)
  Watermelon bust (suikawari)

And Part2 (^^;)×2
Penguin says,
 Caffe Mocha, please. (Kafe moka, chōdai.)
Polar bear cosplays, and Penguin makes a comeback,
 Shadow Warrior (Kagemusha)

I think the pun in Part2 is pretty impossible. (^^)

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