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Server down.

   Last night (actually it was after midnight, so I should say ‘tonight’, though) my server on XREA+ was down.
   According to XREA+ admin report, it was from 00:10a.m. to 01:60a.m. — What is ’01:60′? A written mistake of ’01:06′ by human or an error of ’02:00′ by a program. Which? — It has been the first time since I started to use the server, but I found there was a previous failure report on July 07.

   Though its cause is not written, its resolution took about an hour, so it is probably O.K., I think. I wonder this frequency is no problem?

   It’s time to bring back my site to on my home server, but very busy my offline life now, so I still can’t get into. (´д`ι)

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