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How to install “MT-Akismet”.

   I’ve had a lot of spams since I posted “Very strong earthquake hits Northern Japan.” So, I decided to install “MT-Akismet” to my English blog.

   I described its procedure below.

  1. Download and unpack mt-akismet-1.1.tar.gz
  2. To adjust my environment, add the line “#!G:/perl/bin/perl -w” to the beginning of the program “”.
  3. Where mt is Movable Type application directory, transfer the contents
    of the following distribution directories to

       extlib/MT/     -> mt/extlib/MT/
    plugins    -> mt/plugins       [Note] Except "README".
  4. Sign in my MT dashboard.
       System Overview   ->  Tools   ->  Plugins   -> MT-Akismet   ->   Settings
  5. Type my “API Key” in the box and save changes.
  6. Go to My blog’s Plugin Settings and set Junk Score Weight to 5.

And I’ll see how it works.   😀

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