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Very strong earthquake hits Northern Japan.

   It happened at 14:46. I was in my office. Somebody who probably found the news on the net turned on a TV. That time JMA announced it’s M7.9. But they changed from M7.9 to M8.8. during about three hours. This is the strongest quake in the history of the observation in Japan. The seismic center was at 38.0°N, 142.9°E, at a depth of about 10 kilometers.

   Oh! lately,I mean “this decade”, all there and here are shaking in Pacific rim area. JMA-Earthquake Information

   JMA announced new data about the quake. They say its depth is about 24 kilometers though still a tentative value and name this quake “The 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake”.
   I live in Kyushu, so I have no infections from it. But some of my relatives live in Kanto region and I have not been in contact with one of them yet. I’m really worried.

EDIT2:(Mar/12 9:15a.m.)
   Now, I get a call from her. What a relief!

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I’m glad you’re ok, I know it’s not much but, for what it’s worth, our prayers are with you

Oh! Thanks, gkatar.
I’m O.K. but there are unbelievable number of victims in Northern Japan. Now, tsunam is still attack cities along the Japanese coast.

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