everyday life

Memorandum #20.

   A list of what I did recently.

  1. A repair of ML-21 (a kerosene heater).
  2. Update MariaDB to 10.2.11.
  3. PHP 7.2.0 was released. Congratulations!!
    So, I updated PHP to 7.2.0.
    In its php.ini, we have a change about syntax for an extension loaded automatically. Previously (extension=<ext>.so and
    extension='php_<ext>.dll), currently extension=modulename. About OPcache, it’s zend_extension=opcache.
  4. I created child themes for my site, because I wanted to use <meta name="theme-color" content="#rrggbb"> for my site on smartphones. He-he-he.

    About child theme, the codex told a little changes. Now, we need a function.php in the child theme folder because of loading a child theme style.php. Previously we use @import, but now they don’t recommend the method.


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