Moving to MariaDB10.2.


   Yesterday, くりくりさん told me MariaDB 10.2 became GA by his tweet. So I moved to MariaDB 10.2.6 last night.

   About upgrading procedures, there was no troubles. See “Updating to MariaDB 10.0.11” about HowTo.

   I used this opportunity to replaced ‘MyISAM’ by ‘InnoDB’ about the wp_posts table’s ENGINE. As MariaDB5.5 didn’t support FULLTEXT indexes when I moved to it, I left the wp_posts table to ‘MyISAM’. It was for YARPP's performance. MariaDB 10.0.5 and later with ‘InnoDB’ support Fulltext Index. So, this replacement doesn’t seem to harm the plugin performance anymore.

   Now I have no trouble with the upgrade, but I’ll carefully watch server logs for a while.

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