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I am thinking about orthography.

   For a few days, I am thinking about orthography. Why? Recently, I get into Korean dramas again😅😅😅. I watch them on Viki. I don’t know Korean language. But, I can read Hangul now. I learned naturally while checking Korean drama titles, actor and actress names because Hangul is a phonetic lettering system same as Hiragana.

   I can hear some words now, for example 고맙습니다, 알았어 and so on. But I hear 습니다 as 스미다. This is maybe due to my hearing ability. Or native Korean speakers might clip their pronunciation in daily conversation.

   However, 알았어 has a different condition. I spelled 아라써 at the first time. This is wrong. I cannot reach to a correct spell without the knowledge of Korean grammar. Now I begin thinking about learning Korean language formally.

   Today Korean threw Chinese characters away from their everyday life. So their today’s articles are filled with Hangul. There is no Chinese character. Therefore we, I mean Japanese, cannot understand their news on TV or the Internet. Korea is our neighborhood. Nevertheless we can hardly understand their everyday news. This is a big problem. I don’t know Chinese language, either. But I can 80% understand their articles because of Chinese characters.

   I think we need to learn Korean language more. 孫子 said “知彼知己 百戰不殆 不知彼而知己 一勝一負 不知彼不知己 毎戰必殆” 😅😅😅.

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