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My NJ2100 was broken!! (T_T)


   On October 26, my NJ2100 was suddenly broken when I installed my first wireless router which is WHR-1166DHP3. Until now, I’ve struggled in vain, finally I give up.
   I cannot even get in BIOS.
   I first doubted the LCD because it hadn’t been good since the other day, but maybe this is not its faults. Because I cannot see anything from an external monitor, either. Its HDD is fine. I found its data still existed in itself though I don’t need the data because I always backed my data up. I replaced memory modules, which gave no effects. I guess this is probably a malfunction about one of the parts on the system board because I cannot even get in BIOS. I ran out of bullets. (T_T)

   I had it on 2008 March 5 with ¥178,800 + consumption tax (it was 3% at the time).

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