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I had an email from Lurie.


   Yesterday, I had an email from Lurie. Who is Lurie? At the first I thought the email was fraud/spam. But after googling, I found Lurie is on Twitter as @Lurie_Austin who mentioned VPN Mentor and somebody who had the same email from Lurie like me.☞ ‘VPN Mentor: “Todo lo que debes saber para proteger tu privacidad en internet” ‘, ‘Hızlı proxy sitesi’, and so on. If you are interested in what I found, google “Lurie vpnmentor”.

   As I had an interest in her mention on the mail, I went to read the post ‘What is a VPN and do you need one’. Their icon looks like Guy Fawkes mask, which is dubious enough for me. I realized the mail is for a commercial one. Nonetheless, I was interested in reading one of their blog posts. It’s ‘DON’T LET THE U.S. GOVERNMENT HACK OUR COMPUTERS – STOP THE CHANGES TO RULE 41’.

   By the way, can we trust VPN Mentor itself? Tell me if you have some information about them.

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