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Japan curling team nails down Page 3-4 playoff berth.


   I wrote an article almost the same title, which was about WOMEN’S. This time is about World Men’s Curling Championship 2016, which is being held in Basel, Switzerland. Our men’s curling team qualified for the play-offs for the first time this early morning in Basel.

   In Japan, men’s curling games get the cold shoulder and we have no broadcast about the Championship. But nowadays we have a great device called YouTube ha-ha. I love to watch curling games and prefer men’s games to women’s ones because their games are stronger and more dynamic than women’s.

   All live games of playoffs you can watch on YouTube.

  1. CAN-DEN World Men’s Chp 2016 – Playoff 1 v 2 2016.04.08 @17:00 UTC
  2. JPN-USA World Men’s Chp 2016 – Playoff 3 v 4 2016.04.09 @12:00 UTC
    live on NHK BS1 in Japan – as is to be expected.
  3. World Men’s Chp 2016 – Semi 2016.04.09 @17:00 UTC
  4. World Men’s Chp 2016 – Bronze 2016.04.10 @08:00 UTC
    live on NHK BS1 in Japan – because the team lost the 2. game
  5. World Men’s Chp 2016 – Gold 2016.04.10 @13:00 UTC

   I watch the games on CF-J10 and use LCD-52MZW100 as its monitor. Since upgrading to Windows10 the HDMI audio of CF-J10 hasn’t worked anymore, so I use a VGA cable and analog audio cable for watching. They are working well. Very good!!

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