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Happy New Year!

おめでとう!   Happy New Year! It is the beginning of a new year.

   This is a year of Saru, according to the Oriental Zodiac.

   We call ‘saru’ ‘monkey’ in English. I think you know Nihonzaru(日本猿) as snow monkeys and you might know monkeys in Jigokudani(地獄谷) take a bath, ha-ha. When I heard they took a bath, I was afraid of monkeys feeling cold after taking a bath. However, according to the article(←via the Wayback Machine) of Jigokudani Yaen-koen official site, they do not feel cold after a bath.

   I wish you guys Happy New Year.

   Gods bless you, guys!

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Hi, Delonix.

You have had 2016, too.
It’ very sunny in my town and we have a warm お正月, temperature is around 11℃.

Yes, warm. We had no snow on the New Year’s Day, so that might make me feel warm 😁.

Hi Gkatar,
Happy new year! How have you been?

I watch 箱根駅伝 on TV while working. I usually watch the program every year, but couldn’t on the last year because of an incident. This year, my old school came in the forth place.

Hi O6asan,

I had a good year. It was an intense year, but I had the oportunity to ski for the very first time in my life and though it was hard and I fall down very much I could enjoy the snow this year.
I hope it was a good year for you too 🙂

It looks like an important event, I can’t think in any university sport competition that is televised here, and there are some articles in English in the net.
“…but couldn’t on the last year because of an incident.” I hope it wasn’t a big one.
“This year, my old school came in the forth place.” That means your old school is Wasada University, right?

Bye bye ^_^

Hi Gkatar,

> I had a good year.
I’m glad to hear that. You enjoyed skiing? Very good!!

箱根駅伝 is one of interuniversity sport competitions in Kantō(関東) region and very famous. To watch the race is one of my pleasures during お正月 period. I cannot watch it from beginning to end because every year I have some visitors and must make a round of New Year’s calls.
Yes, Waseda is my old school.

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