WordPress4.4 has come.


   This morning, WordPress4.4 came. I backed up my site data because this WordPress is a major upgrade.

   WordPress4.4’s Nickname is “Clifford”. I had no trouble at this upgrade.
   Active plugins on my sites.
  Ajax Edit Comments
  Akismet 3.1.5
  Broken Link Checker 1.10.10
  BulletProof Security .53.1
  Jetpack by 3.8.1
  Redirection 2.4.3
  Thin Out Revisions 1.8.3
  WP Lightbox 2 3.0.5
  WP Multibyte Patch 2.5
  WP Wapuu Widget 0.4.3
  WP-Mail-SMTP 0.9.5
  Yet Another Related Posts Plugin 4.2.5

   My web server environment at this point is as below.

  • Windows7 HE SP1 x86
  • Apache 2.4.17 32bit version from Apache Lounge, which requires C++ Redistributable Visual Studio 2015 Update 1.
    Build with:
      nghttp2 1.5.0
      apr 1.5.2 with IPv6 enabled
      apr-util 1.5.4 with Crypto OpenSSL enabled
      apr-iconv 1.2.1
      openssl 1.0.2e +asm
      zlib 1.2.8 +asm
      pcre 8.38 with JIT, SUPPORT_UTF8 and REBUILD_CHARTABLES enabled
      httpd.exe with OPENSSL_Applink and VC14 has SupportedOS Manifest
      libxml2 2.9.3
      lua 5.1.5
      expat 2.1.0
  • PHP7.0.0 VC14 x86 Thread Safe version from PHP For Windows
  • ActivePerl x86 version from ActiveState
  • MariaDB 10.1.9 32 bit version from MariaDB
  • phpMyAdmin4.5.2 from phpMyAdmin

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