Windows10 1511 sneaking into my CF-J10 during last night.

Update information      Edit(Nov.28)  Edit2(2016.Aug.10)

   Windows10 1511 was sneaking into my CF-J10 during last night because it was a normal Windows Update and I left CF-J10 hibernating instead I made it shutdown and unpluged completely.

   Fortunately, I have no fatal problems. But I have something as below.

  1. Although I set to create Restore points on the Drive C automatically, I couldn’t find any points after the update. Instead I found a new Windows.old folder on the C drive. I reset to create Restore points automatically about C.
  2. I had USB HDD problem again. I did 6-23 and 7-7 things again.
  3. OneDrive and SearchUI.exe came back. I did the customization again.
    About SearchUI.exe, Safe boot doesn’t work well anymore because SearchUI.exe is running even if you use Safe boot. Instead use the command below.
    Run cmd.exe as Administrator.
    > taskkill /F /IM SearchUI.exe
    [Caution]: After doing the command above, rename the Cortana App folder immediately. You must have speed because SearchUI.exe respawns very quickly.
    Ref URL: Remove Bloat from Windows 10
    [Caution2]: On 2016.Aug.10 I updated to Redstone1, and I couldn’t change the Cortana folder name manually. SearchUI.exe respawns very very very quickly. You’d better use a batch file like this.
  4. Some Default Apps went back to MS Defaults. Oops!
  5. CCleaner was uninstalled. That was worse. Hey MS, this’s going too far!!
  6. I killed Skype before at the Setting, but it is enabled again.
  7. After update, I have two Yellow exclamation marks in Device Manager. One is old one which is about WiMAX. Its vender doesn’t give new drivers anymore. Another is about Realtek Card Reader. I download the latest driver from the vender page. The Yellow exclamation mark has gone.

   Anyway, I had no fatal error. So I’m going to update NJ2100 at tomorrow night.


  1. The update deleted Hidemaru‘s registration.
  2. Still now I’m using the old Adobe Photoshop 6, which couldn’t open files by Drag & Drop after the update. In my experience, this happens when its registry data were broken. I uninstalled the software and cleared the registry trash by CCleaner and re-installed it with WindowsXP SP3 compatibility. It has revived now. Aah!

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