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Muggy! Am I still in the rainy season?

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   Very very sunny, today! Besides very muggy! But still in the rainy season(梅雨) around our area, I mean the northern part of Kyūshū(九州). The #12 typhoon(HALOLA) is approaching Kyūshū.

   The day today is very hot and the fitting weather for Midsummer Day of the Ox(土用の丑の日). I wonder if you know the day when people eat grilled eel(鰻の蒲焼) in Japan though I didn’t have it today.

   I took a picture of a large brown cicada(油蝉). When I see and hear these cicadas, I feel in the middle of the summer season this year. (^o^)/

   At 13:40 today, JMA predicted HALOLA weakened into a tropical depression again around tomorrow afternoon. I wish the forecast right.

   I took another picture of cicadas. They are another popular cicada around my region called クマゼミ, literally “bear cicada”. They are bigger than large brown cicadas.クマゼミ

   Around 21:00 on July 26, the #12 typhoon(HALOLA) weakened to a tropical depression earlier than JMA prediction. After all, we had weak rain and wind by it.

   Yesterday, the end of this rainy season around our area coincided with release of Windows10. Well, just joking (*^_^*).

   In fact, JMA announced the end of the rainy season about the northern part of Kyūshū(九州) and the northern part of Tōhoku(東北) on July 29.

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