Grrr, I forgot to write A dot on the .htaccess file.


   In my town, we will have a firefly season around the next two or three weeks again. So I checked my blog when I wrote about fireflies last year and found I wasn’t able to see the video on the article. What happened?

   I changed the tags in the article from <object> to <video> and I became to see the video. But after that I found more problems. All flv video files on my blog weren’t loaded. Why?

   I suspect BPS of the flv file problem, he-he. On the .htaccess file, as expected, I found I forgot to write A dot. At the line I need flvplayer.swf, but I wrote flvplayerswf. Oof!

   Now all flv video files on my blog are loaded. Ha-ha.

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