Updating to PHP5.6.5.


   They released PHP5.6.5 Windows version on Jan-22 03:24:41UTC. It fixes several bugs as well as CVE-2015-0231 (bug #68710), CVE-2014-9427 (bug #68618) and CVE-2015-0232 (bug #68799).
   I couldn’t find “Fixed bug #68799” on the PHP5.6.5 ChangeLog though it’s on 5.5.21’s. Did they forget to write it? Anyway, I updated my PHP from 5.6.4 to 5.6.5 on my Web server (Windows7HP+SP1(x86)).

   If you need more information for the configuration, see the post “Migrating from PHP 5.5.16 to PHP 5.6.0 on Windows”.

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