The translation “Seijō no Ran (青条の蘭)”-#9.

   I’ve posted the chapter 5, “Seijō no Ran (青条の蘭)” after a long interval.

   I have added some new explanations to the notes.

   I’ve tried to remove Kanjis from the old translations, though it is not progressing as much as I hope (;´o`).

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Thank you so much for translating the short stories of Juuni Kokuki for us who can’t speak Japanese!
In France, we were lucky that the 8 first novels got translated and published from 2007 to 2010. I want Kasho no Yume to be published too, but it seems impossible. Thankfully, you’re translating it. Thank you again for your hard work!
In one of your comments, you mentionned a new book. That’s a wonderful news!! I hope we’ll finally know more about Taiki and Tai Kingdom’s fate. It’s been eating me for years.
Which one is your favorite book of the series?

Thanks for your comment, misami!

> Which one is your favorite book of the series?
It is difficult to say, and otherwise, it is easy to say my unfavorite story of the series, which is Rakushō no Goku (落照の獄).

The story brings heavy gloominess to me and reminds me of difficulty and severity in the real world. I understand that to open our eyes to social issues is one of very important works of fictions. But I know difficulty and severity in the real world very well. The least I am healed in the fictions. So, I don’t like the story very much.

When I finished its translation, I needed a long time for recovery. Though I have to improve its translation, I can’t do it even now.

By the way, you can read “Kasho no Yume” in English on Eugene Woodbury site.

Thank you very much for your translation of Hisho no Tori book. Do you think there will be more books in the future?

Thanks for your comment, ros!

The book ‘Hisho no Tori’ has four short stories. I’m translating ‘Seijō no Ran’ though its progress is very slow. The rest one is the story ‘Fūshin’ that I’ll translate someday but I cannot give you my words.

By the way, Ono sensei is writing a new novel of the series. I think it will be released later this year. It is long. So I hope Eugene Woodbury will bring us its translations.

It’s a great news that there will be a new book of the series. I also like a lot the anime of Twelve Kingdoms and want to know more about Taiki story. Hope that a new book will be about him.

We’ve had no other information about the novel than its length yet. When I have new information, I’ll mention it here. Be patient and don’t miss it!

Hi Delonix!!

Finally I can read your comment. I’m sorry because my access control settings has bothered you.

> If you need any help, just let me know.
Thanks a lot. I always appreciate your help. My translation progress is slow, though.

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